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Retreat News


Our Fall Retreat for September 21-24 is less than two weeks away! For those attending, watch for

an email this weekend with all the details (driving directions and a list of what to bring). I’ll print a

couple extra and bring them to the September 11th meeting in case you have problems with

downloading and printing.

January 22-25 is the next retreat on the calendar. I still have seven openings so grab a quilting

buddy and join us.

Next is the Mother’s Day weekend retreat May 10-12. I still have two openings so let me know if

you’d like to attend that one. Remember, if you can’t commit right now, but you’d like to join us if

there is an opening, put your name on the waiting list. There is no charge for that. In order to

secure your spot, though, you must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit. I will be happy to take

payments and you can also pay using your credit card.

All of our overnight retreats are held at the Vina de Lestonnac Retreat Center in Temecula. If you

have any questions, please contact me at the next meeting, by phone, text, or email. I'd love to

have you join us!

Lana Dougherty

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Presidents Message
September, 2017

We had a great board meeting this week and I'm excited for all the fun things coming down the pipe!

Be sure to read the entire newsletter, you don't want miss


I'm looking forward to planning some of the fun things coming up with all of you!

I'll leave you with this; be kind and understanding, you don't

know what someone is hiding behind their smile!

                                                           Sue Russell  

Charity Quilts

We are into the new year with a new demand on charity quilts!  Lets get going on making some quilts for charity!

As a reminder: All charity quilts need to be at least 48”x60”, finished and no more than 52”x70”. Backings need to be assembled and 4-6” over in size both in width and length before turning it in to the charity committee.

Gail Olmedo and Laura Moreno

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As a reminder, we are trying to arrive at the meeting site early enough to cool it down before you arrive, so please be patient and aware that unless you are a chairperson setting up, the doors will NOT open until 6:30.